Joshua Teicher

Joshua Teicher, Film Producer, Video Editor, owner of Giant Films Editorial, proud father and husband.

About Giant Films Editorial

As a video editor, I have an active skill set. Throughout my career, I have created detailed and innovative sound design. I enjoy and excel at editing down music tracks creating musical drop outs and moving beats or musical moments to fit a cut. I have experienced at directing voice over talent to get the perfect take on a VO. I have consistently created final mixes that are sent straight out to broadcast.

Last minute color correction, cutting out mattes and tracking shots. I have finished numerous spots to Broadcast Safety standards, and I am adept at creating color corrected “looks” to fix shots or create a “style”.

Creating titles with or without motion in after effects or any offline editing software. I have a sculpted sense of design and work well in collaborative environments.

In a pinch, I can do just about anything related to the multiple dimensions of video editing. I have a great appreciation of mood and pacing and a great eye for the moving image.

What differentiates me is my experience (which is focused on promo’s), Beyond a skill-set, is my general existence… I can fulfill a collaborators vision. I put the work first but do not take myself too seriously. I handle interactions well and get the work done. I have a long history of being the calm in the storm, and providing focus and detail; being the resource that all Producers and Creatives love to work with. My goal - to make them look good and make their jobs easier. Boom!

My Skills:

  • • sound design
  • • music selection
  • • musical cutdown
  • • directing Voice Over Talent
  • • broadcast ready mix
  • • color correction
  • • fixing shots or creating looks
  • • creating titles with or without motion
  • • work well in collaborative environment
  • • cutting mattes & tracking shots
  • • producing
  • • writing

Hard skills - I work with equal skill on AVID, AVID Interplay, ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC, FCP 7. I also use Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis.

I hope this helps. Happy to talk more, or meet in person, etc.


"I enjoy working with Josh Teicher. As an editor in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment Josh is always unflappable. His demeanor goes a long way in setting a positive tone for any edit session."

Eric Ruhalter

Senior Writer/Producer/12-Year Veteran,
AMC On-Air Promotion

"I worked with Josh over the course of a few months to help develop a video for my site launch. Josh was extremely professional to work with and produced an amazing video working closely with myself and my partners through edits and many discussions. Josh had a ton of great insight and feedback to add and really participated in the entire process of helping develop a great product. Without Josh's vision, I don't think we would have ended up with such a powerful piece that truly helped introduce our product and engage our users. I would highly recommend Josh for any project work, especially if it involved Client management as well as an incredible level of creative expertise."

Mona Bijoor


"I would highly recommend Joshua for his expertise and hard working ethics. Joshua's energy is bursting at the seams and is highly self-motivated. He is capable of working in any editing situation and is fast to adapt and change with the flow of any job. He is extremely professional in his dealings with clients and very capable of keeping clients calm and content. Joshua would be a strong choice for any editing situation."

Jennifer Lederman

VP/Managing Director,
Blue Rock